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Me in the world

By teaching how to use nature connection practices from a developmental perspective, I help parents, teachers, occupational therapists, and nature connection mentors resolve behavioral issues, improve therapy and academic outcomes, and create healthy environments for children to grow, learn, and thrive.

Why I'd like you to join

Nature connection is a journey. 

Understanding children is too. 

Both take skill. 

Skills are built. 

I have spent thirty years building skills and gathering the best research while developing practical ways to teach others.

It could have been easier for me to build my skills. I'd like to make it easier for you. 

This community is your guide to building a successful skillset in a supportive place to practice— setting you on a journey with greater ease and peace of mind. 

Although we can't replace the "village fire" we sure can try! 

Don't be a lone wolf, because that is just lonely! 

Join the nature-led community today! 


You have called this community into being, breathed life into this dream. Over the last 25 years but especially the last several months I have heard you. Since birth, I have heard the earth, the waters, the water beings, the mosses and mycelium, the reptiles, insects and amphibians, the four-leggeds, the low lying plants, the trees, the birds, the winds, the directions, the sun, the moon, the stars, the storms, the wisdom keepers. 

I am deeply grateful for this messy and beautiful life, for all those who passed on their wisdom, and for you and I now sharing in community together. Thank you. 

Inside our three ripples of membership

Read below to learn about our ripples. 

Quail. Deer. and Owls.

Ripple One- Quail

Our Quail Community, at only 5.99/month, gives you access to our PRIVATE platform. Inside you will find - 

  • Daily Dose of Nature, a little tidbit of inspiration.  
  • Kid Quote Tuesday, a weekly inspiration that highlights the profound, and often hysterical things kids say.
  • Mentoring Moments, with Kathleen. A short, recorded debrief of random encounters with children— sometimes challenging, sometimes beautiful. 
  • Nature-Sense, weekly podcast style, video conversations with Kathleen and Caitlin. Each week a different topic where we tell stories, unpack mentoring experiences and share hard-earned wisdom from a collective 60 years of working with people in nature. 
  • Access to a private group where rich conversations and questions happen daily.
  • See upcoming workshops and be able to purchase and enroll in any or all of them! (only members can enroll in our workshops.)
  • Random, surprises like free workshops, resources, and live events :)
  • Access to 1:1 mentoring sessions with Kathleen or Caitlin.

Ripple Two- Deer

Our Deer Community is currently closed. We invite you to join the quail community.

Deer Community has access to all the things in the Quail Community. In addition, they have access to:

  •  One monthly pre-recorded workshop. 
  • The ability to submit questions ahead of time, to be answered during the workshop.
  • Access to a chat area where they can ask questions after viewing workshops. Questions are answered by Kathleen and Caitlin, as well as, other participants in the Deer Community. :)
  • Downloadable PDFs from the workshops.
  • 5% discount for in-person events and premium resources
  • Access to 1:1 mentoring sessions with Kathleen or Caitlin at a discounted rate. (Availability is limited)

Ripple Three- Owl

Our Owl Community is currently closed. We invite you to join the quail community. Nature-Led community members will hear first when the owl community is available again. has access to all the things in the Quail and Deer Communities. In addition, they have access to:

  • The live (and recorded) workshops where they can ask questions during the workshop.
  • Live Q& A sessions twice a month. These sessions are designed to give you an intimate level of support and answer questions that are specific to you. 
  • 10% discount on all in-person events.
  • Access to 1:1 mentoring sessions with Kathleen or Caitlin at a discounted rate. (Availability is limited)

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are only available to members of our Nature-Led Community. 

Hazards and Risk — 2/27/21

Welcoming Practices — 3/13/21

Sit Spot — 3/27/21

Bird Language to Understand Human Behavior — 4/24/21

Bird Language for Babies — 5/22/21

Planning a Year-Round Nature-Led Curriculum — 6/26/21

Creating a Culture of Nature Connection — 8/28/21

Other planned workshops — The Art of the Set-Up, Questioning for Curiosity, Micro-Connections for Macro-Success, Sensory-Scaping for Brain Expansion, Building Skills for Conflict Resolution, and so many more! 

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